Virtual Photo Event and Exhibition

The organizer of the WBF is delighted to announce an open call for Virtual Photo Event and Exhibition to mark the 9th FORO MUNDIAL DE LA BICICLETA (World Bicycle Forum 2020) to be held in Nepal for the first time from 19-22 September 2020. 

Show your love for bicycles through your photos and contribute towards safe, inclusive and sustainable urban mobility to create clean, green and vibrant cities!



The World Bicycle Forum is a yearly cycling activism event in which the topics of bicycle urban mobility and the planning of cities made by and for the people are discussed. WBF began as an answer to an automobile driver deliberately colliding with around 20 cyclists that were participating in a Critical Mass event in Porto Alegre, Brazil on February 25. The first edition of the WBF took place during the first anniversary of these events.

The WBF is composed of different events that include discussion panels with invited speakers, self-managed workshops, cultural activities including art and video exhibitions, artistic performances and several cycling events.

It  is a platform to bring together the wisdom of collectives, citizens, international networks, scholars, international experts and policymakers to share their experiences and insights regarding strategies and knowhow to better transform urban spaces into more human and bicycle friendly environments.

Beyond the discussion, the WBF tries to strengthen the social networks among participants from different cities and countries, to encourage permanent changes in the venue city and, through the sharing of experiences and practical workshops, to stimulate an immediate personal change of the participants.

Rules & Regulations for Photo Event: 


  1. The photo submission is open to all individuals.
  2. Photos that have won prizes in previous competitions, or have been used for commercial purposes and/or been published in media/ social media will not be eligible.
  3. The photo should be the original work of the participant.


  1. The main theme of the WBF event is “Livable cities.”  For the photography event participants can submit a maximum of two photos under four sub-categories:

    1. Pedaling During and Post Pandemic
    2. From Activism to Policy
    3. Sustainable Urban Mobility
    4. Bicycle Ecosystem

  1. The submitted images should be in JPEG format. The image size should not exceed 5 MB. 
  2. Each participant can submit a maximum of two photographs.
  3. The photo must have a caption maximum 40 words.
  4. Digitally manipulated images will not be allowed. Only some basic enhancements such as colour/ contrast adjustment and simple cropping will be allowed.
  5. The organizer reserves the right to reject the images with incomplete details required under the photo submission page. 

  1. All submitted images are non-returnable. The file name for each image should be clearly labeled with the participant’s name and the category. For example if you are submitting a photo related to “Pedaling During and Post Pandemic,” sub-category, the file name should be:
    Hari Phuyal_Pedaling During and Post Pandemic.jpg 

  1. Participants should fill their entries to fmb9/Submissions will not be accepted once the deadline ends..


  1. Each photograph submitted must be the original and unpublished work of the participant. 
  2. By submitting the photo, the participant agrees to grant permission to the organizer of the WBF to use the image in promotional work without any fee payment.  The participant will be attributed accordingly.

The photos will be selected by a selection committee from WBF and their decision will be final. No correspondence pertaining to the selection process and decision will be entertained. 


  1. Selected photos will be exhibited  on  web platforms & social media during the WBF event with proper credits.
  2. Digital certificates will be provided to each participant.