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    I Agree Terms and Condition

    1. Multiple Entries are allowed
    2. Entries can bein the format of documentaries, short movies, animation, or photographs and caption to create visual slideshow
    3. Films once entered can not be withdrawn
      All submission must be original, no watermark should be place.
    4. Film must be of highest quality possible.
    5. Adult content will lead to direct disqualification
      Due credit should be given to cast and the crew
    6. Films in language other than English should contain subtitle
    7. Cameras can range from smart phone (1080p@30fps)to handycamps to mini DV formats
    8. Your final movie should be submitted in MPEG, MOV or WMV format
    9. Movie should be shared fmb9socialmedia@gmail.com via uploading google drive
    1. Participants will register for this event through our web portal
    2. Participants will choose between below sub-categories:
      – Bicycle Eco-system
      – Sustainable urban mobility
      – Fighting Covid-19 by cycling
      – Cycle Activism
    3. There is no entry fee
      Participants will have to create two videos
      – short-movie- Less than 10 minutes
      – Movie teaser- 30 seconds
    4. Participants will have to submit teaser on or before 15th August 2020
    5. Deadline for submission of Short Movie is on or before 1st September 2020