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Interview with Filmmaker Fredrik Gertten on urban issues raised in ‘Bike vs Cars’ and ‘Push’

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule Interview with Film maker Fredrik Gertten on ‘Bike vs Cars’ and his new film Push about commodification of housing. The session will explore his insight about bicycle activism from different parts of the world he has presented in his film ‘Bikes vs Cars’ , and also discuss about the new issue…

21 Sept | Panel Discussion

Engendering with Pedal, Wheel, and Roads

Roads around us and our life in wheelchairs and cycles as a means of transportation. We are trying to connect and create ourselves for better life within discriminatory society, institution, initiation and  structural violence.We advocate for disability rights, dalit rights, madhesi rights, gender rights, right to safe mobility and much more. Zoom Facebook Event Schedule…

20 Sept | Panel Discussion


Zoom Facebook Event Schedule This is an event to showcase the exhibition by participants of the Photo Exhibition.  Photo Exhibition of Photographers that are in touch with Cycling. Kishor Shrestha, Khasing Rai, Dhusant Dewan  and Dipesh Shrestha. Share their experience with other following Photographers. Photo Exhibition of Cycling and Initiatives by Cycle City Network Nepal….

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Activating grassroots democracy for policymaking- Learnings for sustainable mobility planning from initiatives in India

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule About the session: This session will bring in unique and rich experiences of various civil society interventions for improving the conditions for bicycle and non-motorized transport in different parts of India. We have three panelists for the session. https://www.facebook.com/257698500962118/videos/246682253335466/ Rajendra Ravi is the director of Institute for Democracy and Sustainability (IDS…

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Creating Entrepreneurship in Cycling Environment

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule The event will explore different bicycle entrepreneurship stories, hear from finance experts to identify scope of building innovative entrepreneurship possibilities that can sustain through and support rise of bicycle users in cities.  Alejandro Bernal Robayo Bamboo bicycle Entrepreneur Bambubici.com Bimesh Man Pati Finance Factory Mr. Ram prasad Kharel Former Business Analyst….

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Economics for Wellbeing

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule This‘Economics of well being In this session, our speaker will broadly discuss the need for economic transformation and how bicycle activism is part of that broader systemic change. Debra Efroymson is Regional Director of HealthBridge, Executive Director of the Institute of Wellbeing, and international advisor to Work for a Better Bangladesh….

19 Sept | Talk Show

Opening Ceremony

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule This is the opening ceremony of 9th World Bicycle Forum, 2020.  www.fmb9.org The event will happen virtually in zoom link. If the link is full, it will also be live on its official page. https://www.facebook.com/forummundialdabicicleta/ The opening ceremony will have all the representatives of the partner organization and participants and honorary…


Bicycle Workshop

Zoom Facebook Event Together with Nepal Mountain Bike Tours, StoryCycle has organized a new program to offer basics of bicycles to cycling enthusiasts. It is a free bicycle training that covers from the basic subject of cycling to the solution of possible problems faced by cyclists. We encourage cyclists to solve the basic problems seen…

19 Sept | Exhibition

Bike Arte

Zoom Facebook Event Bike Arte is an independent street festival that celebrates the bicycle and all the good it represents. Through the view of several artists, Bike Art aims to mix urban, gastronomic and cultural aspects in one theme: the bicycle. Learn more about the project http://aromeiazero.org.br