22 Sept | Panel Discussion

Protocol discussion

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule This is the session where everyone would talk about the protocol and if changes are to be made then it would be done accordingly. The session would go accordingly: 7:45-9:15 am(NPT): assembly 7:50- welcoming the participants 7:55- giving a brief about the protocol of wbf 8:05-opening the floor for discussion Giving…

22 Sept | Others

Closing Ceremony

This is the closing ceremony where reflection on the event done be shared and FMB 9 would be wrapped Zoom Facebook Event Schedule Hon. Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel Chief Guest, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Ven. Metteyya SakyaputtaVice Chairperson of Lumbini Development Trust Gabriela Casile Member of Rosario en Bici a group of STS…

22 Sept | Others

Election Pitching

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule This is the time when different cities would make a pitch about hosting FMB 11. Note: As of now no city has applied till now so asking if anyone is interested then they can showcase their interest in the format provided. The forum can talk more on how to award it.