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Interview with Filmmaker Fredrik Gertten on urban issues raised in ‘Bike vs Cars’ and ‘Push’

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule Interview with Film maker Fredrik Gertten on ‘Bike vs Cars’ and his new film Push about commodification of housing. The session will explore his insight about bicycle activism from different parts of the world he has presented in his film ‘Bikes vs Cars’ , and also discuss about the new issue…

21 Sept | Panel Discussion

Engendering with Pedal, Wheel, and Roads

Roads around us and our life in wheelchairs and cycles as a means of transportation. We are trying to connect and create ourselves for better life within discriminatory society, institution, initiation and  structural violence.We advocate for disability rights, dalit rights, madhesi rights, gender rights, right to safe mobility and much more. Zoom Facebook Event Schedule…

21 Sept | Workshop

Fair Delivery Campaign

Welcome to the 6th class of the Delivery Justo ZL course, free online training for couriers and bicycle deliverers who want to work better, with more autonomy and traffic and financial security. In this live lesson we will cover content on Basic Bicycle Mechanics, with Viola Selerino, professor of mechanics at Aromeiazero and Jam Hermano,…

21 Sept | Panel Discussion

Interactive session: National Networks for Bicycle Advocacy

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule This session invites representatives from different National networks for bicycle advocacy to share their experience on the structure and mobilization of the network/ collective. We hear about their history, and issues of priorities they identify for their context. Ana Carboni, President of the Brazilian Cyclists’ Union / UCB – União de…

21 Sept | Talk Show

Interaction with the mayor of Nepalgunj

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule Dr. Dhwal shumsher Rana Dr. Dhwal shumsher Rana is the only mayor to be elected twice after the last election in 1997. He holds a PhD in Political Science. His doctoral research revolved around local administrative bodies. He believes more in action than in speech.

21 Sept | Panel Discussion

Asian cycle Network

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule This session will bring together different cities in asia and share their thoughts about having a cycling network to bring forth an international exchange platform for supporting the bicycle and urban transport agenda

21 Sept | Panel Discussion

History of Carfree movement – WCN Days

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule “Looking Back: World Carfree Network and Carbusters” Steven Logan Steven will provide you with an inspiring history as well as lessons learned from the early days of the world carfree movement.  He is the co-editor of an anthology of articles from Carbusters magazine translated into Czech and called Carbusters: Heroes…