21 Sept | Panel Discussion

Exploring West Nepal in Bicycle: Perspectives on Adventure Tourism

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule Western hills and mountains of Nepal are relatively unexplored avenues for adventure-lovers in the world. Karnali lies in Himalayan Range bordering Tibet. Jumla, Rara, Dolpo, Humla are the well-known altitude adventure destinations in Nepal. A recent assessment of adventure sports in Karnali the province has shown a greater possibility of bicycling in…

22 Sept | Others

Election Pitching

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule This is the time when different cities would make a pitch about hosting FMB 11. Note: As of now no city has applied till now so asking if anyone is interested then they can showcase their interest in the format provided. The forum can talk more on how to award it.

21 Sept | Panel Discussion

A session about BYCS Program with Bicycle Mayors of India

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule This session will be an experience sharing from the BYCS team about the BYCS program. BYCS India team will also share about their experience of mobilization in different cities and its expanding national network.We will hear from Bicycle mayors from different cities of India, to know about their efforts during the…

20 Sept | Exhibition


Zoom Facebook Event Schedule Sarangi is a Nepali foundation that is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of indigenous Nepali folk music craftsmanship. It provides tutorials in the playing of Nepali Sarangi and other Nepali folk instruments. Project Sarangi is based in Kathmandu, Nepal and was founded by sarangi player Kiran Nepali in 2012. Salil…

21 Sept | Talk Show

Carfree Cities Alliance (CCA) Worldwide campaign + future vision

Zoom Facebook Event Schedule Previous Next  Introducing the Carfree Cities Alliance (CCA)- as well as the global “Build Back Better Cities” campaign Blurb: In this presentation, members of the CCA team are going to present the work of the Carfree Cities Alliance, the new mouthpiece of the global carfree movement. We are also going to share…