Apply for hosting FMB11 2022

Rules & Timeline:

  1. The proposal must be postulated by a significant group of citizens representing the different groups, with the support of a non-profit legal entity; whose object is consistent and consistent with the principles and parameters previously stipulated in the FMB protocol. Applications from natural persons will not be accepted. There should only be one proposal per city.
  2. The application letter must be accompanied by full names and contact information of the members of the significant group of citizens who apply, and of the official legal registration data of the legal entity that accompanies the application, in the respective country.
  3. The call for the postulation of the next FMB headquarters will be open up to five calendar days prior to the celebration of the FMB in which the election will be held, the foregoing will take effect after the FMB10 (Argentina 2021).

What needs to be included in the proposal?

  1. The desire and justification for which they deserve to be the next headquarters of the FMB.
  2. What is the experience of promoting sustainable mobility and promoting the use of bicycles in the postulated city?
  3. How the event will impact the candidate city.
  4. Indicate in a general way the logistic and financing means that may be managed for the realization of the event.
  5. What will be the impact and legacy of the event?
  6. Support of legal personality.As well as the interactive links that give an account of the existence, corporate name and functioning of the organization (web page, news, videos, etc.).
  7. The person submitting the proposal implicitly accepts to sign the aforementioned agreement between the entity responsible for the FMB that is carried out and the chosen FMB.
  8. Prepare a pitch deck of 5 slides answering the question such as why, what, when, where and how.
  9. All candidate cities, whose proposals comply with the requirements, will be published on the FMB website, so that anyone in the world can access this information.


  1. Need to assess the number of proposal and the top Five (5) proposals will be selected from this assessment, which will be exposed to the participants registered in the Forum, who will finally decide on the next venue through online voting.
  2. The participants registering for the forum would be send a mail with google form on the morning of 3rd day regarding their rights to vote for the proposed city to host the forum with strict instructions to not share it anyone.
  3. Initially, three (3) rounds ofonline voting, that is, the two candidates with the lowest voting on the table in the first round and the one with the lowest voting in the next two rounds, leave the contest.
  4. In the first round, the two candidates with the least voting must leave.In case of a tie between the fourth and fifth proposal, the two leave;in the event of a tie between the third and fourth proposal-in number of votes-, they stay for a next opportunity in the second round, which will leave the two with the least voting.
  5. In case of a tie between first and second proposal – depending on the amountof votes– in the last election round, the vote will be repeated and, in the event of a tie continuation, the venue election committee will be responsible for defining the winning proposal and, in the meantime, the new headquarters of the FMB.
  6. In the last round, the two finalist proposals, at the head of one of theirRepresentatives will once again have the opportunity to show their proposal and invite the public to vote for it, for a maximum of five (5) minutes each.
  7. After each round of voting,will allow thirty (30) minutes for the scrutiny.This will be carried out by the Election Committee. Scrutiny would be in the sense of checking if the voter has registered for the forum or not.
  8. The scrutiny will be supervised by anoversightmade up of three (3)National representatives who are not part of any committee of the General Assembly but part of the election committee.