21 Sept | Panel Discussion

Engendering with Pedal, Wheel, and Roads

Roads around us and our life in wheelchairs and cycles as a means of transportation.
We are trying to connect and create ourselves for better life within discriminatory society, institution, initiation and  structural violence.We advocate for disability rights, dalit rights, madhesi rights, gender rights, right to safe mobility and much more.
Indira rana

Indira Rana

Cyclist, founder of Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal and World's Children's Prize in 2014

Manika Bishwakarma


Roshani Sapkota

Cyclist, Gharelu kamdar and Mother of two children

Sarita Koirala

Para Wheelchair Basketball Champion

Er. Keshab Kumar Sharma

Director General
Department of Roads, Nepal

Usha titikshu

Activist, Researcher, Cyclist, Yayori Award in 2005, First Women Photojournalist of Nepal and Path Nepal

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