21 Sept | Exhibition

Urban Cycling training/Music


As an urban cyclist for 12 years, he has been part of improvement plans for his city, in addition to training children, adults and AMT Auditors in the use of bicycles as a means of transport for the “BiciAcción” Foundation. He has represented Pichincha and the country in the National Bicycle Forum of Colombia in 2018 (Popayán, where he attended pedaling from Quito) and 2019 (Cali), giving conferences and trainings. He fervently believes that the bicycle is an instrument to empower and improve the lives of children, women and people of all ages. He was a trainer and coordinator of Art and Culture for the 8th World Bicycle Forum Quito 2019. Pedagogue specialized in Music from the Technical University of Manabí, an expert in study methods and synaptic reading graduated with an Honorable Mention at Ilvem International, has been trained in Training of trainers with Neuro Linguistic Coaching and Programming tools at the Catholic University, in the International War Bands Contest in Cochabamba - Bolivia he participated as a teacher, arranger and producer in 2012, winner of the first prize in the International category with the Band of the European Union Manuela Cañizares; As a musician he has achieved first place in the 2012 Phonographic Fund of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador in 2012 in the Rock category with the Band "Perla Negra" and the album "Sin Pudor" with which in 2013 they were awarded the “CUBA-DISC” award in the International category (same award that Joaquin Sabina, Sting and Calle 13 have won in other years), a musician with a passion for teaching, he has trained in Couples Therapy and Reiki therapy where he has 3 master's degrees, for The Pichincha Institute is a Technologist in Business Administrator, currently running his training company "PsycoMotivArte"; is an artist who has ventured into film and television with films and advertisements for his expressiveness and ability to convey his passion for art, drummer for the band “Amazon Rock Vital” since 2015 where he combines music with his love for nature and motivation to the public of all ages.

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