21 Sept | Panel Discussion

Interactive session: National Networks for Bicycle Advocacy

This session invites representatives from different National networks for bicycle advocacy to share their experience on the structure and mobilization of the network/ collective. We hear about their history, and issues of priorities they identify for their context.

Ana Carboni, President of the Brazilian Cyclists’ Union / UCB - União de Ciclistas do Brasil

Ana is a Brazilian cycling advocate, actively engaging in the promotion of the bicycle as a sustainable means of transportation in Brazil. Currently, she is the President of the Brazilian Cyclists’ Union and a member of Bike Anjo’s nationwide network. She is also a member of the BYCS international Bicycle Mayor network for Niterói, her hometown.

Roberto Martinez:

Graduated from the Master's Degree in Visual Arts with a graphic orientation and a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts from the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM. Diploma in Curatorship by the Royal Academy of San Carlos. Founder of Taller de Gráfica Nahual, coordinator of the Art and Culture commission at the 6th World Bicycle Forum, designer of the 3rd International Film and Mobility Exhibition; and currently an active member of independent civil groups focused on sustainability, mobility and the improvement of pedestrian and cycling spaces and infrastructure.

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