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Sarangi is a Nepali foundation that is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of indigenous Nepali folk music craftsmanship. It provides tutorials in the playing of Nepali Sarangi and other Nepali folk instruments. Project Sarangi is based in Kathmandu, Nepal and was founded by sarangi player Kiran Nepali in 2012.

Salil Subedi, Pioneering didgeridoo player, musician, writer, cyclist.

Salil is a multi personality as a musician and a performing artist on stage and studios; a writer and on field a culture researcher and an archiver and on the wheels an avid cyclist whose first race was in 2000. He has diverse working, traveling, teaching and networking experiences worldwide. Uniquely placed between artistic and academic practices, he introduced the aboriginal heritage and importance of didgeridoo (yidaki) for nature and culture preservation its potential creative possibilities in Nepal. For this people often regard him as the pioneering Nepali didgeridoo artist. He is now working with overtone music instruments namely didgeridoo, singing bowls (authored two books on it) overtone throat singing, jaw harps and an array of Nepali folk instruments. For the 9th World Bicycle Forum Salil is hosting it live from his small working space in Kathmandu. The title : “Viva la solidaridad humana y el amor” 

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