20 Sept | Panel Discussion

Continental Network Sharing

This session will have experience sharing of different continental Bicycle Network, its modalities, structure and activities. It will a fruit full insight to know different forms of organizing internationally.



Consultant – Bicycle Cities (South Africa) Co-founder Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) South Africa. Andrew has served as a consultant with Bicycle Cities, and engages with government departments to assist the modal shift from cars to bicycles, through conferences, workshops and events. He will be sharing about African Bicycle Network

Manfred Neun

Manfred Neun key figure in cycling advocacy in Europe. Neun is the former president of the European Cyclists' Federation and actively advocates for cycling and utility cycling in Europe and world wide. His is famously quoted for "Cycling means happiness, cycling is community building and as everyone can have a bicycle, cycling is democracy. We can be an example for the whole world. So let us all live like examples"

Agustín Martínez

Graphic designer, social communicator, sustainable mobility activist General Director at Designio Editores and President of the Board of Directors at Bicitekas A.C. Past: organizer at World Bicycle Forum and UNAM Atmospheric Sciences Center

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